Meet our Team

The Thornhill Residential Team


Harrison Thornhill

Harrison is dedicated to providing concierge-level customer service to his clients, who have recognized him as “hard working”, a “high tech marketer”,  and a “skilled negotiator.” Harrison grew up in the family real estate business, which engrained a solid foundation of the importance of integrity and service. When Harrison started his own real estate business, these values were at its core. As a result, his team transacted over $ 3,000,000 in real estate in its first six months in business. Thornhill Residential continues to consistently rank among the top teams in BHHS midtown office. Harrison recognizes that professional service is integral to his success, but even more important are the satisfied clients who regularly refer their friends, neighbors, and family to Harrison because they know he is among Atlanta’s hardest working Realtors.

Harrison is a 2014 graduate of Emory University, where he gained a respect for pursuing excellence. During his employment with Ritz Carlton, he came to appreciate the importance of top-notch customer service and a whatever-it-takes work attitude. Harrison has been a resident of Atlanta since 2011.

Consistent. Professional. Passionate.

Adam Turem


Atlanta native, Adam Turem, comes from a property management background that has given him a multitude of skills that benefit his clients such as creative problem solving, high-level customer service and attention to detail.

“This is a great city and I have so much fun with my clients,” says Adam, “we always become great friends in the process!” His knowledge of the city is invaluable to educating his clients to the neighborhoods that best suit their needs. Adam’s goal is toassure his clients have a positive and memorable real estate experience on his watch.

Atlanta has quickly become an international city and home to people from all over the world. Adam enjoys an international clientele as he is an avid traveler who has explored Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean Islands. “It is a pleasure to get toknow people from different cultures and I am passionate about introducing them tomy city! Atlanta is global and that is what makes it such a great place to live.”

A great work ethic and dedication to excellence are part of Adam’s standard of practice. “I am so fortunate to have grown up watching my grandfather who ownedand ran a successful jewelry store for 45 years. I admired his work ethic and the respect he gave to each customer. He was a true role model and has certainly impactedthe way I run my business.”